Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Hello ladies, I hit 100 followers a few days ago and would like to thank everyone for checking out my blog, for all the lovely comments and to all the new friends I've met since I decided to start blogging. I only started a couple months ago and never expected to hit 100 followers so quickly! My love for blogging has really grown and I promise to stick to a more regular schedule of at least two posts a week. If this fails I'm allowing you to hurdle abuse at me as punishment!

As a Photography student focusing on Fashion I tend to keep up with the local trends to make sure my future shoots are relevant to what styles are currently "in", and the arrival of  London Fashion Week was no different. If you're like me and can't necessarily pull off any of the outlandish trends, or just tend to look like someone who got dressed in the dark, then I've pulled together a few pieces that are sticking with next years S/S trends, but aren't quite as in your face so you can still add a subtle hint of style without overdoing it!

Silver and Pink Metallic Jacquard Box Pleat Skirt (£19.99)- What girl doesn't love a pleated skirt? They're cute and super girly, if you don't feel the need to twirl around every second you're wearing one then there is something seriously wrong with you! Now metallic can be incredibly overpowering and not everyone can pull off the tin man look, and as gorgeous as Marc Jacobs' new collection is you'd have to be Lady Gaga to look good dressed in all metallic. To compensate this gorgeous silver pleat skirt with a hint of pink is the perfect alternative to keep in with the contemporary style. 

Faux Fur Collar Coat (£95)-  It took me a long time to find a stylish fur coat that didn't make it seem like you were being eaten by a Wookie, but hey if you dig that look then who am I to judge? This gorgeous faux fur coat is from Warehouse and for £95 it's going to cost you a pretty penny, but it's bang on trend and will leave you feeling toasty through the colder months while making you look stylish as heck. The fur collar is detachable so if furs not your thing then you can just use it to block out any drafts that's seeping under your door! (Don't worry I am joking!)

Kane Triangle Stud Detail Shoulder Bag (£12)- Purple isn't always the most flattering colour and it's quite hard to pair with others, this shoulder bag is the perfect statement piece to transform your outfit and you'll feel just like you're part of Gucci's s/s collection. Everyone is definitely embracing bright colours and this bag is the perfect accessory. 

Romantic Rose Leggings ($10.88)- Floral print is my favourite and I practically wear it all year round so I was excited to find out that floral is going to be huge next season. Since the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting even colder a baggy cable knit jumper would go perfectly with these leggings, who said you can't have both comfort and style! No doubt I'll still wear my floral dresses for as long as possible, but until then I'll keep searching for the perfect alternative!

Johnny Loves Rosie Tartan Bow (£16.99)-  Tartan is definitely in this season and I've taken inspiration from the latest designs by Saint Laurent and Marc Jacobs, but if you're someone who can't quite commit to the Scottish look then this cute bow is the perfect accessory to add to your outfit for that subtle splash of stylish chic. Just pair it with a white or cream blouse and black skinnies and you've got the perfect work outfit! For £16.99 it's not the cheapest accessory but with ASOS free delivery it wont leave your purse feeling empty.

What do you guys think about this seasons trends and which collection has been your favourite?


  1. Great collage! I really like the grey coat...



    1. I want it so bad but its way over my price range haha. It's just too pretty not to include! x


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