Monday, 14 October 2013

Beauty Haul | Project Healthy Skin

So last week I finally caved in and bought a few beauty products I've wanted for a really long time and once payday arrived I thought "What the hell, I deserve a treat" and continued to type amazon into my browser. I managed to get all 6 items for under £20 including delivery so I consider that time and money well spent!

For a few months now my skin has been awful, my skin is relatively dry but recently I've had the worst breakouts as well as enlarged pores,  so I knew it was time to start taking better care of my complexion and try and overcome what feels like second puberty, yes my skin has really been that bad at times. I'm nearly 21 and enlarged pores, dry skin and face creaters is never a good look, especially when you go to a pub and the bar tender looks at you like it's way past your bed time.

I bought a travel size bottle of Simple's Soothing Facial Toner a couple months back from Poundland and once it was all used up I knew I needed to buy the full size bottle. I never really saw the point in facial cleansers or toners, but after the first use my cotton wool pads were so horrifically dirty I couldn't believe how much muck had come off my skin and I couldn't stand the thought of going to bed without given my face a much needed clean. As well as buying the toner it made sense to buy the Cleanser too, because who would skip breakfast and go straight to dinner? Okay that was a really cheesy example but I think you get my point. Both products were £1.50 each so I didn't take much convincing!

After a good google search I came across a few blog reviews on the Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser and decided to take a leap of faith and add it to my cart, I know that just because it's worked for other people it may not necessarily work with my skin but fingers crossed eh?  For £3.33 it's not a huge saving from the RRP but if it does the job then who am I to complain?

I've been in love with Collection's Big Fake Ultimate Mascara since I first bought it last year, not many mascaras seem to give my lashes volume and length but this product fulfils both roles perfectly and I absolutely hate using any alternative products. It's currently on sale at Amazon for £3.99.

I'm not going to lie to you ladies, I've only been a passenger on the Real Techniques train since the start of the Summer but I am now one converted lady! Ever since I bought the Core Collection Kit I have been in love with how their brushes have transformed the way I apply my make up. I've had my eye on the Expert Face Brush for weeks and after reading all the amazing reviews it finally gave me the nudge I needed to add it to my cart, at the time I bought it for £7.49 but the price has bumped up to £8.99.

Finally, the last item I bought was Bourjois Bronzing Primer, as soon as I read Essie Button's review I knew I needed to have this product. I'm a huge fan of Bourjois' products so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this and a review will be up as soon as I've had more time to develop an opinion! For £9.42 it's not exactly cheap but it's still light on the purse strings.

What products have you bought recently and have I tempted you to buy any of these products?


  1. Hi Vikki, I bought the bourjois bronzing primer yesterday and had to spend a little time playing around with it, especially as I'm quite pale and the thought of the dark colour on my skin horrified me.

    Luckily I've managed to get used to it and if I can offer any advice - Use the tiniest amount you can! Hope you can stick to your new daily skin routine....unlike me! :)

    Lauren x

    1. Oh thank you lovely :) That would be much appreciated xx

  2. I'm 21 and my skin has gotten really bad again recently, its super annoying!! You should do a post on the simple skincare products, I'd love to hear your opinion on them! :) xxx

    1. I plan on it, I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I write up a review as I need to give my skin more time to get used to the products xx

  3. I love simple products!! I have really bad dry and dehydrated skin , and simple works wonders for my skin !! :') Lovely post and blog suagr!! :')
    Ava xo


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