Thursday, 18 July 2013

Always Infinity Review

So the lovely people over at buzzagent gave me two boxes of Always' new brand "Infinity" to try and review! I have really bad polycystic ovaries and as a result I experience irregular bleeds. When I do bleed they're very heavy and cramps are an absolute nightmare! :( Once I was given this campaign I was a bit sceptical, especially since Infinity claim the pads can hold up to 10 x their own body weight.

Always Infinity is made from infinicel, which is like memory foam; it should mould to fit your body, maintain it's shape and not bunch together, which is a problem with other pads. I found that these pads were in fact very comfortable and at times I almost forgot that I was wearing one! I was also very impressed that these pads didn't lose their shape and I wouldn't have to worry about leaks and this was a huge comfort!

received both the normal plus pads and the night pads to try and review. Both pads came with wings, which was bonus as it leaves me feeling more safe and secure throughout the day. Overall the packaging is quite pretty and looks incredibly similar to their other pads, but the design on the actual pad is quite simple and lacks a scent. As aesthetics go I do prefer the design and scent of other Always pads, as a floral design makes the pads look more feminine, and to me scent is important for dispelling any foul aromas that can emit while you're on your period.

In summary: Always has created yet another fantastic range of pads that are both protective and comfortable. When you've hit your monthly cycle you want to be sure that your pad is going to do it's job without having to change 5 or 6 times a day, but for £3 a pack it's quite pricey especially since the packs only contain 8-10 pads. Unless they make these pads more affordable I think I'll reach for my other brands next time!

Always Infinity night and normal compared to Always Ultra, on the right.

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