Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bourjois 3 for 2 at Superdrug and FREE sunglasses

Yesterday I took a wander into the City with my Mum as the weather was so lovely and I needed to find a decent pair of sunglasses since my old ones snapped, boo :(

While walking past my local Superdrug, I noticed a sign saying "3 for 2" on all Bourjois cosmetics, so thought I'd take a look inside and get away from the sun for a bit.

To my to my delight they were giving away free sunglasses with every 3 for 2 purchase, result! After seeing this offer I couldn't refuse buying some cosmetics, especially since it involved getting a pair of free sunglasses ;)

The glasses also come with a black and white polka dot carry case, which I thought was incredibly cute and could double up as a travel make up case if you didn't want to use it for your glasses! Normally I don't go for chunky glasses with the "bug eye" look, but the design was very stylish and knew that I could easily customise them to make them more unique! Apparently, in some other stores the glasses come with a slightly different pouch that has the Eiffel Tower on it but I'm pretty happy with my polka dot one :)

Now getting back to the cosmetics I bought!

I've wanted to try Bourjois' cream blushes for a while now as I've heard a lot of great things about them. There were 4 shades to pick from: 01 Nude Velvet, 02 Healthy Glow, 03 Rose Tender and 04 Sweet Cherry. 

It was really hard for me to decide on a shade as all the colours were lovely and I wanted them all! In the end I went with shade 03 Rose Tender, as my Mum said it would suit my pale complexion. The packaging really appealed to me; it's small, sleek, compact and even comes with a tiny mirror! These blushes are the perfect size to pop in your bag, or make up bag, for extra application throughout the day! I found the product to be not too creamy and not too light, it was the perfect balance and it's such a wonderful texture. I was expecting it to feel rather sticky, but it glides onto the skin like a charm. I found this blush to be incredibly blendable for either a subtle look, or you can build it up if you want something more dramatic. This is definitely my new favourite product!

The second product I bought was the healthy mix concealer. Again this was another product I've wanted to try for awhile now and one of my favourite beauty guru's/youtuber, Essie, has been recommending it a lot in her videos so I thought I'd finally give in to temptation. I love Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and so I had high expectations for their concealer , especially since it was priced at £7.99! One of the main selling points for this product is that it's supposed to be "anti-fatigue", and since I tend to get dark circles I was really optimistic about this product. I bought this in the lightest shade, which I believe is 51 Eclat Clair, as I mainly wanted to use it to brighten up my under-eyes and remove any redness. So far the texture doesn't seem to be too thick or heavy and the packaging was small, again the perfect size to fit in your make up bag. One thing I really liked is how the applicator was much more hygienic than the one on my Collection 200 Lasting Perfection, and you could give wipe it over once it gets too messy.  I've only used this a couple of times so I'll give a thorough review at a later date.

The final product I bought was the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder, which is the latest product in the Healthy Mix range. The packaging is again very sleek and the bright red caught my eye almost immediately. The compact is slim, made out of plastic, comes with a large mirror and pan which makes application easier and you wouldn't need to carry around an extra mirror in your bag! One thing I am worried about is that the powder itself may break while in my bag, so I'll probably keep it in it's own separate zip pocket, just in case!  The mirror itself can bend all the way back which I thought was very handy, especially if you want to get a specific angle. I bought this in the lightest shade as I didn't want the powder to look too dark on top of my foundation. It boasts a 10 hour matt and radiance boost, so I'm excited to see how well this powder works when I incorporate it into my daily make up routine. Again I'll review this product in more detail once I've had a proper chance to use it :)

I thought that I would show you all swatches so you can see what the product looks like on the skin, next time I'll be sure to show you what they look like outside as well!

Cream Blush: £7.99
Healthy Mix Concealer: £7.99
Healthy Balance Unifying Powder: £8.99

Bourjois is slowly becoming one of my favourite drug store brands so I'm excited to use all these products.
Apparently the sunglasses offer is limited so go grab a pair while you can! :)

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