Wednesday, 28 August 2013

End of Summer Wish List

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone's having a brilliant week so far! As per usual I've been busy with work and photoshoots, yesterday I had a 1950's shoot and I'm really pleased with all the photos. I'll probably blog about it next week sometime so I can show you ladies all the gorgeous dresses!

Now the summer is started to come to a close, but hopefully we still have a months worth of lovely summer weather before it's time to bring out the thick tights and wooly cardigans! During one of my usual online shopping browses I came across a few items that I've added to my wishlist that would be perfect to wear in the run up to the autumn weather, while still being okay to wear out in the summer sun!

1. ASOS Skater Dress Vintage Wallpaper Print- First up on my end of summer wish list is this gorgeous skater dress. I'm a sucker for patterned dresses, my wardrobe is full of them and you can wear them to so many different occasions, in my opinion you really can't go wrong with a skater dress! As well as being a gorgeous dress to either wear to the beach or to a BBQ, this dress could be paired with a wooly cardigan and cute little ankle boots and tights for when the weather gets a little bit colder. For £25 and free delivery I'm struggling to say no!

2. H&M Top with Print- Okay this vest is just too cute. I love the slight grain to the design which makes it feel a bit retro and it would look great with either black skinnies, high waist shorts or just tucked into a skirt. I normally tend to buy vests a couple of sizes too big as the baggier the better in my opinion. It's the perfect little addition to your summer wardrobe and for £12.99 it wont break the bank either :)

3. Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon Orange Punch-  Bourjois are my favourite drugstore brand at the moment and they're seriously on the ball with the products they're releasing. As a pale chick I don't always suit bold and dramatic colours, so this orange/peachy colour is the perfect shade for the summer and looks so lovely and fresh. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! Superdrug are currently selling this for £7.99.

4. eBay Vintage World Globe and Binoculars Necklace- For any one who's read all my posts then you'll know that I'm addicted to eBay, you can find such lovely stuff on that site for dirt cheap prices and once again I wasn't disappointed with what I found on my latest hunt. This seller is selling a variety of different necklaces and pendants, but this lovely little globe necklace really caught my eye, it's so cute and if you're looking for an accessory to add to an outfit then this item is definitely for you. For £1.95 I'm adding this item to my shopping cart as I speak!

5. New Look Brown Lace Up Heeled Brogues-  My final item on the wishlist are these gorgeous heeled brogues, as previously stated I own a lot of dresses and skirts so brogues are my favourite shoes to wear with cute and girly outfits! I don't tend to wear heels often, I own quite a few pairs in my wardrobe but alas, my clumsy nature means I must avoid heels if I don't want bruises all over my legs! The heels on these shoes are the perfect height for me, they're not too high and the heel is quite thick so they'll be really comfortable to wear while giving you the perfect weight distribution without hurting your feet after a long day. The heel also means that this is the perfect shoe to wear all year round and for £19.99 I'd say that's brilliant value for New Look!

What's on your summer wish list this year or are you already thinking about the autumn weather?


  1. Love those shoes! I can see those working with any outfit. :)

    1. They're so pretty and they add a little vintage look :) x

  2. I cannot believe how cheap that necklace is! I saw it and thought how gorgeous it is and assumed it would be at least £10! What's the quality like, if you've bought it?
    Love that dress too! Such a flattering cut and neckline.
    Such a pretty blog you've got here, love the layout
    Celia @

    1. It hasn't been delivered yet! I'm planning on featuring it in an OOTD post once it arrives. That dress really is lovely, I'm waiting until payday.

      Thank you lovely, I'm now checking out your blog! x

  3. Hi Victoria Jane! I really love your blog - espec your range of posts and pretty layout! It's really fun to read! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award - find out about it here I hope you do the post! Let me know if you do, I'd love to read it :) xx emma xx @emsypickle

    1. Awh thank you chick! I'll probably do this next week sometime so I have more posts inbetween my last liebster one x


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