Friday, 19 July 2013

Poundland Beauty Bargains

Hello everyone, since the weather is so gorgeous I thought I'd write this blog post in my garden and make the most out of the sun since our British weather is very temperamental! 

So yesterday I was walking though town when I decided to pop into the local Poundland and grab a few bits before my bus arrived. Normally when I walk in I walk straight past the cosmetic section, as I never really paid too much attention to Poundland's make up! However, as I was walking past this time a certain packaging caught my eyes and immediately stopped me in my tracks, to my surprise all of the Dainty Doll eyeshadows were on sale! 

Now last week I promised myself I'd go on a spending ban for a few weeks, as I really need to save money and my car insurance is due soon :( But once I saw these eyeshadows were on sale I couldn't turn the opportunity down, especially since the normal price of these beauties are a whopping £11 depending on where you can buy them from!  I've never owned anything from Dainty Doll before, but I've heard the foundations are brilliant for pale skin.

When I got home I checked the Dainty Doll website and found out that there are quite a few shades avaliable, these are: Are You Experienced? (dark brown), Teach Me Tiger (orange),Treat Her Like a Lady (nude), Copacabana (bright blue),Purple Hills (deep purple), Kingston Town (bright yellow),Jungle (emerald green) and Lollipops & Roses (hot pink). The colours I picked up were: Are You Experienced, Teach Me Tiger, Copacabana and the eyeyshadow base Frankie Girl. Poundland didn't do a very good job at labelling the products and the descriptions put me off buying quite a few of the colours, as "luminous hot baby pink" doesn't sound very appealing!  Before I go into work tomorrow I'm definitely going to pick up the remainder shades as I'm planning on doing a creative beauty shoot soon, and these colours are going to look fantastic on my model!

I was quite surprised to find that these colours were very pigmented, the brown and orange had lovely tones of gold in them which I loved! Unfortunately, the blue shade looks much nicer in the pan then it does on the skin, but I'm sure it doesn't look too bad when blended in and used with other colours. As you can see in the photo some of the mirrors were missing, which doesn't bother me but I'm guessing that's why they were in poundland.

I also picked up a really cute Minnie Mouse shower cap as my coconut oil arrived through the post yesterday and I needed a cap for my hot oil treatments, so I'm looking forward to giving my hair a much needed pampering session :)

I'm now going to go back to enjoying the sun and preparing for a BBQ as I've entered MoneySupermarket's The Charcoal Challenge, which you can expect to see a post about in the next few days. Enjoy your weekend girlies and I hope you don't burn too much in all this heat!

What do you guys think of the brand Dainty Doll and have you seen any of these being sold in your local poundland?


  1. New follower! I'd love to see swatches! :)

    1. I plan on doing swatches once I've bought the other eyeshadows! :) x

  2. I never knew there were make up products in Poundland, I'm definitely going shopping there soon! xx


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