Monday, 29 July 2013

Disaster Designs: A Wish List and Lisa Angel

I started working at Primark two weeks ago and since then I've worked my usual Saturday shifts, along with 8 days of overtime! It's safe to say that I'm incredibly tired, but very thankful to have the next few days off before I go back to hectic shifts and a lack of air conditioning! So that's my explanation for my lack of blogging and on that note I'll get back to the post :)

Disaster Designs is one of my all time favourite brands and I often find myself browsing the internet,  looking at all their pretty products while wishing I could afford to purchase at least one item from their Aviary collection, a girl can dream eh?

While browsing the internet I came across a lovely website, lisaangel, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that not only do they sell Disaster Designs, but they're the lovely little store in Norwich that I adore so much. Norwich is filled will little vintage stores and tea rooms and it's one of the main reasons why I love the city so much! Now I'm digressing a little bit so I'll try and stick to the subject!

When I found their site I couldn't contain my excitement and opened about 15 tabs of all the items I wanted to look at and day dream about buying. I wanted to share this lovely little site with you as they sell so many different brands, as well as wedding items and home made jewellery, so I hope you all take a look at their site and take a look at all the pretty items they sell!

I decided to put together a little wish list of all the items I'd really love to add to my room decor, even though I can't afford to buy anything yet, sometimes it's nice to window shop (so to speak) and daydream about how all these items would look in my room! My favourite Disaster Designs item they sell is the Aviary teapot, I love the blue and gold combination with the hand-painted birds. On one side there's beautiful little hummingbirds, my favourite birds, and on the other there's cute pink flamingos! I also love the little matching teacups and saucers along with the cake stands and milk jug. I can imagine having a tea party with lots of different cakes and sandwiches!

1. Aviary Teapot- £35 
2. Songbird Cake Stand- £35
3. Aviary Cake Stand- £36
4. Aviary Teacup and Saucer- £14
5. Flamingo Teacup and Saucer- £14
6. Aviary Milk Jug- £12 

Lisa Angel currently have a sale going on, so I'll definitely treat myself to a little something once payday arrives! What do you think of Disaster Designs, would you decorate your home with this lovely brand or is there something else on Lisa Angel's site that's caught your eye?

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