Thursday, 22 August 2013

Photography Adventures | London

Hello ladies! I haven't been as active as I've wanted to be recently and that's due to me being really busy organising shoots and travelling down to London for work experience/assisting a Fashion Photographer!

 Now last week I mentioned in my last post that I had the amazing opportunity to work with my favourite fashion photographer, Lara Jade and so last Saturday after 4 hours sleep I woke up at 3am to travel down to London to assist Lara Jade at one of her workshops. For those of you who don't know who Lara Jade is then prepare for me to fan girl a little bit, at the young age of 24 she splits her time between living in New York and London, where she works with a variety of clients shooting fashion and creative shoots and her most recent photo shoot was with the gorgeous Myleene Klass.

I was very lucky to obtain a days work experience, this really was the opportunity of a life time for me as being a Photography Student work experience in the Industry is just as, if not more valuable then everything you learn from your tutors. I was also incredibly excited to meet someone I class as a role model, as it's so difficult to break out into the fashion industry as a photographer and even more so at the age of 24!

One of the models in action!

The day started at 8:30 at the beautiful location called The Roost, which is located at Hackney in London. I was still really tired and kept perking myself up with a caffeine fix to keep me going. After being introduced to Lara's team of models, MUAs, lighting directors and personal assistants I sat with Lara where she answered my questions and we had a lovely chat about our interests and inspirations. Once the group arrived for the workshop we went upstairs where Lara gave us a talk on how she first started out as a photographer and about her journey to where she is now.

Later on in the day the shoots began, the location was so beautiful and every room in The Roost had different themes and decor. I split my time between all three shoots, where I spent my time between holding reflectors and learning about the technical side behind the shoots and how different lighting techniques can create different moods and effects.

Some more behind the scenes!

Towards the end of the day Lara approached me and gave me permission to photograph the last shoot of the day so I could include the photographs for my portfolio. This was a huge opportunity for me, I wasn't expecting to take an active part in the shoots as I was there to assist and learn so I grabbed my camera and snapped away!

I'm so very pleased with the photos I took, I've never been part of a professional photoshoot before so I was quite nervous about taking rubbish photos, and not having anything decent to add to my portfolio but they came out brilliantly and I'm so excited to share a sneak peek with you lovely ladies! In the next few weeks I have a couple more photo shoots planned as I want to build up my portfolio and then set up a website as what kind of photographer would I be without a website?!

Sneak peek of one of the photos I took!

Excuse the rubbish quality of the photo, it's not a final edit and the quality on blogger doesn't do the photo justice!

Overall, I had a fantastic day and met some lovely people who were all more than happy to give me advice and answer the million questions I had for everyone. Lara is one of the most friendly people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with and I left the day feeling so inspired and motivated to work towards being the best photographer that I can be!

Me with Lara Jade, I look so horrible :(

Thank you for reading ladies, I've really enjoyed sharing more about my personal life with you all!

Would you like to see more personal posts or should I just stick to fashion/beauty etc?


  1. Wow, you're so lucky to do work experience with a fashion photographer!

    1. I know, I had a lot of fun and it was such an amazing experience :) x

  2. you are very lucky! great post, I have followed your blog :)
    Shelley x

    1. Thank you lovely, I'll follow you back now :) x

  3. You don't look horrible at all. :) You look fabulous without (!) tons of make-up. :) I wanted to say thanks for following my profile via Bloglovin'. How about following each others blog via bloglovin' too? I alreday follow you, I like your blog a lot.

    Have a good WE!


    1. Thank you :) By that time I'd been awake for about 14 hours so I was very tired. Of course I will follow you back :) x

  4. Amazing post!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you :) I will certainly follow you back x

  5. More photos :D Your a fab photographer and you'll go far in the industry. Well Done!

    Wendy |



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