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Sunday, 15 September 2013

East Anglia Blogger Party

Good afternoon everyone :) So on Friday I went to my first ever meet up, and it was also the first East Anglia Blogger Party! Now I almost didn't go to start with, I'm quite a shy person and didn't want to walk in like a wally all on my lonesome and stand at the bar feeling awkward all night! Thankfully I immediately bumped into Claire which was a huge relief and we climbed the mammoth stairs (they were seriously steep), and proceeded to stand in the middle of the room feeling slightly overwhelmed by the whole situation.
The whole night was really fun and I met so many lovely ladies, it was a great chance to meet new bloggers and put names to faces. I was really worried to start with as I haven't been blogging long, I didn't want to seem like the rookie of the group. Everyone at the party was so friendly and inviting, but at times it was hard to talk to everyone as the room was quite dark and the DJ kept turning up the music! 

We were all giving these really cute goody bags with a brilliant selection of freebies. Anyone who knows me well knows that if you give me chocolate then I'll eat it instantly. I spent all evening restraining myself from eating the chocolate coins and dried pineapples as I really wanted to show photos of them on this post! Oh the life of a blogger, haha. 

My favourite items from the goodie bag were these gorgeous lashes by Paperself and the tights from Tights Please, an outfit of the day post will soon follow! I cannot wait to use these lashes in a beauty shoot, I absolutely adore the intricate details and its given me so many ideas! You can't really see in this photo but the lashes have cute little butterflies and deer antlers on them. The other items were provided by FabEast, Urban Fruit, Drop Dead Chocolates and the National Maritime Museum

Me and the other girls took full advantage of the two for 1 offer on cocktails, I'm not much of a drinker and the cocktails were really sweet so I stopped after two as I didn't want the other ladies picking me up off the dance floor after a failed attempt at doing gangnam style!

I'm so glad I went in the end as I've made some new fantastic friends and it was lovely to drink cocktails and talk about bloggers things as well as our personal life! Have you ever been to a blogger party?

Huge thank you to Gemma for hosting the event.


  1. Glad you had a good time! Looks like you got some good stuff!

    Laura x

    P.S. I nominated you for a Liebster Award


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